We are looking forward to receive applications for the 1st Edition of Millennium Art Fusion, from Art Galleries/ Museums/ Foundations/ Curators/ Groups/ Artists.

MAF presents the choice of the following sections:

  1. Art Galleries/Museums/Foundations/Curators Court
    This section, featuring leading Indian and International Galleries showcasing a range of modern and contemporary paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, graphics, photography, and digital art. Exhibitor applying in this section must ensure that the curatorial note is focussed on the concept of the show proposed.
  2. Artist Court
    This section, featuring established & promising Artists of National & International repute.

    Exhibitors - Solo Artist: This section of MAF , will feature leading and upcoming artists from India and abroad. This initiative invites the galleries and artists to present a curated project showcasing works by a single practising contemporary artist. Artist himself/herself can also apply as an Exhibitor.

    Exhibitors Group of Artist: This initiative invites the group of artist (not more than 6) to showcase their creative. One of group Artists himself/herself can also apply as an Exhibitor.

  3. Sculpture Court
    This section, featuring established & promising Sculptors, of National and International repute. To showcase your creations, we do understand your requirement. You have freedom to choose the space as per your convenience be it outdoor or indoor . All installations and sculptural work should be submitted along with clear instructions of display/assembling etc. or the artist should be on site to assist in display .
  4. Uchaan Court
    This section, featuring Individual Artists to display their works of art. It is an opportunity for those who are keen to display their works at a Single Panel measuring 1-meter x 8 feet.
  5. Rising Star Wall
    25 rising artists will be given opportunity to showcase their works free of charge. Artists shall be selected by a panel of jury . This section is specially designed for Art Students, Self-taught artists between the age group 18 to 25 years.

Types of Art

A wide array of media is on display at Millennium Art Fusion, including paintings, photography, sculptures, graphics, installations, digital art and more.

Millennium Art Fusion welcomes its esteemed exhibitors and attendees to a beautifully created gallery-style venue. The city of Gurgaon, is set to stage an extraordinary festival that will infuse a new vigor into the art guild of India.

Jury Process

Our Exhibitor Committee consists of art industry professionals with outstanding reputations in Visual Art, publishing and artist development. All exhibiting Artists, Art Galleries, Curators will be required to submit a portfolio or website for review. Upon acceptance from the Exhibitor Committee, a booth location will be assigned.

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