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Planning your exhibition schedule for the rest of the year?

Make sure to mark down 02 – 05 December 2016 at Millennium Art Fusion as a main highlight.

This show boasts an incredible venue, an informed audience of over 20,000 art lovers,
and exciting programming.

Register today to get the best booth space possible for 2016 schedule.

Be a part of the Creative Art Spirit of the culturally diverse India
in the heart of the Millennium City, Gurgaon.


Millennium Art Fusion will be a four-day fine art extravaganza. India's leading painters, photographers, sculptors, designers and other visual artists will congregate at the festival alongside their prodigies and patrons. In addition to this, we have a number of specially-designed programs & events, art talks & panel discussions.

A wide array of media will be on display at the first Millennium Art Fusion, including paintings, photographs, sculptures, graphics, installations, digital art and more.

Taking place in the heart of Gurgaon, Millennium Art Fusion welcomes its esteemed exhibitors and attendees to a beautifully created gallery-style venue. The city is set to stage an extraordinary festival that will infuse a new vigour into the art guild of India.

Initiative by

UCHAAN Foundation